Raynor – Par 5 – Gold 504, Blue 490, White 483, Copper 444, Green 413

Many Raynor designs open with a gentle hand shake, a term used to describe the guiding principle architects often adhere to hoping to provide a warm welcome to your round, Minnesota Valley is one of them. Our opener provides a realistic opportunity to begin your round with a good score, perhaps a birdie, and even an eagle for the longer hitters. The tee shot is played to the top of a plateau and although the landing area is relatively generous, it is framed by trees left and right.

On the second shot a classic Raynor cross bunker covers the fairway and introduces the first of many choices a player will face during their round. Lay up short of it which provides the best angle to attack the pin, avoid it by staying left which results in a difficult pitch over a greenside bunker, or carry it where a downhill slope propels balls toward the green. Finding this bunker for most erases birdie from the equation and for many par will be elusive. The smallish green is classic Golden Age, as it slopes significantly from back to front. If you find yourself putting from above the hole, for you the gentle handshake is over! Staying below the hole is always wise at the Valley, imperative at tournament green speeds.