Principal’s Nose Par 5 – Gold 553 Blue 535 White 478 Copper 451 Green 414

Avoiding the largest bunker on the course off the tee, the Serpent, and the iconic Principal’s Nose on your second, is the strategic challenge presented to a player here. The Serpent sits on top of a slight rise in the fairway, narrows the landing area considerably, and is a heroic carry for even the longest players. The Principal’s Nose looms large for any shot attempting to get home and a poorly calculated or executed layup. The chance for a good score is slight if you find yourself in any of the three Principal’s Nose bunkers.

Once these fairway hazards have been navigated, the “fun” really begins as one of the most steeply pitched greens on the course awaits. The putting surface slopes from back left to front right and you would be wise to keep your ball short right of any hole location. It requires deft touch just to keep your ball close to the hole when putting from above. At tournament speeds you might find yourself with your back to the hole, while seeking to execute a right angled putt, where keeping your ball on the green should be celebrated.