Cape Par 4 – Gold 434 Blue 416 White 385 Copper 336 Green 288

The penultimate hole at the Valley is a beauty, a Cape template which is equally interesting & enjoyable as intimidating & difficult. Defining features of a Raynor Cape are an angled peninsula green complex often appearing to hang in the air, with a deep fall off to an intimidating hazard and surrounded by other challenges. Off the tee at the Valley’s version, bunkers right and left narrow the landing area just past the 150 marker. Before the bunkers the fairway is 80 yards wide as it connects with the fairway on the previous hole.

A links style shot option for your approach is provided by what a Raynor restoration specialist called, “one of the greatest Redan kick slopes I have ever seen”. The first third of the putting surface slopes steeply to the front left corner. The back slopes gently right to left where correct speed and proper line are often elusive, especially if putting from back to front. Yale’s 2nd hole is called the boldest Cape Raynor ever designed. It has two bunkers on the left sitting 20 feet below the putting surface, each with a built-in staircase. Thanks Seth!