Minnesota Valley Country Club is open year-round for banquets and meetings of all types. The comfort and distinction of MVCC combine to offer the ultimate experience in a Private Country Club setting. Please contact our Catering Department for dates and availability.

Food and beverage minimums will apply to all functions and will be quoted by the Catering Office. Room rental, labor charges, cash bar, audio visual, service charges and tax do not apply to the food and beverage minimum. If a client fails to meet the food & beverage minimum designated for their room or rooms booked, an additional food & beverage charge will be applied to the client’s final billing. The additional charge will be the difference between the food & beverage minimum and the total food & beverage charges exclusive of tax service charge, room rental, cash bar and audio visual.

The prices on our catering menu and prices quoted in this contract, due to market conditions, are subject to change without notice. Once a menu is selected, a price can be confirmed 60 days prior to your event.

Food prices and non-alcoholic beverage prices are subject to 22% service charge and 7.275% sales tax. The sales tax is applied to the food, non-alcoholic beverages and applicable service charges. Alcoholic beverage prices are subject to 22% service charge and 12.775% liquor sales tax. The sales tax is applied to the alcoholic beverages and applicable service charges. All service charges are the property of Minnesota Valley Country Club, which has complete discretion as to its use and distribution.

Please contact the Catering Department 3 business days prior to your function with the guaranteed number of guests. This number is not subject to reduction but may be increased. Should your event increase beyond the guarantee within 3 business days, an additional charge may occur to cover any last minute expenses that the Club incurs to meet your needs. Guarantees for functions held on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday must be received by noon on the preceding Friday. If no guarantee is submitted, we will consider the last number received by the Catering Department as the guarantee.

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