206 Yards – Biarritz Par 3

In 1888, Willie Dunn Jr, a one time runner up of the Open Championship designed a long par 3 hole in the resort town of Biarritz, France.  The hole played an outrageous 200+ yards over 60-foot cliffs along the Atlantic Ocean to a green featuring a large dip in the middle section.  ‘The Chasm’ hole concept was taken by C.B. Macdonald and Seth Raynor and used as a template hole in numerous designs.  Unfortunately, the original Chasm hole no longer exists, but the Biarritz is now commonplace requiring a long, accurate shot to a large green with a swale in the middle and ubiquitous Biarritz-style bunkering on each side.  The Valley Biarritz green is 60 yards long with a three foot deep swale in the middle. A par here usually wins the hole.