Biarritz Par 3 – Gold 225 Blue 205 White 160 Copper 147 Green 130

Usually the longest par three on a Raynor course, the Biarritz template is designed to test a player’s accuracy with longer clubs. The iconic green complex is easily recognized, exceedingly memorable, and quite challenging, often the largest green on the course. The Valley’s Biarittz green is 60 yards long, the bisecting swale is 3 foot deep, and both plateaus are part of the putting surface. The green is protected left and right by 3 classic Biarritz-style bunkers, and along the back looms a steep 8 foot fall off (be careful) which wraps around the back right all the way to the swale, where it shallows to 3 feet.

With the wide range of yardages a Biarittz can play, and the variety of shot options provided, it has proven to be a strategic, interesting, and challenging design. Yet early on it was called “Mcdonald’s Folly” by other golf architects, undeterred Raynor included a Biarritz on the majority of his designs. There is a dichotomy within his renditions as some have the front plateau/swale as fairway, like Chicago Golf Club and Fishers Island.