Short Par 3 – Gold 149 Blue 130 White 127 Copper 108 Green 99

The consummate set of par 3’s which form the foundation of Raynor designs are; Biarritz (210-240 yds) Redan (180 – 210 yds) Eden (160-180 yds) Short (130 -160 yds). The differing yardages is intentional and strategic, providing variety while thoroughly examining a players ability with clubs throughout the bag. The Short template tests a player’s short iron accuracy and putting prowess.

The Valley’s Short is visually stunning, playing over water to an angled green with a backdrop of stately trees. Protected in front by a formidable bunker on the right and a steep false front on the left sloping into a bowl. On the back left is a smaller bunker and along the back right a steep fall off which wraps around the green to the water. Smaller than some Raynor Shorts, the putting surface provides the same exacting slopes which challenge a players putting skills, including a thumbprint. Comargo’s collection of par 3’s is often rated as Raynor’s best and he also built back to back par 3’s at St Louis CC in 1914.