Long Par 5 – Gold 600 Blue 525 White 488 Copper 454 Green 422

The longest hole at the Valley with the widest fairway on the course, provides you a final opportunity to grip it and rip it! The defining characteristics of a Long template are multiple routes to the green, length, and a challenging bunker which you must avoid on your second shot. The Hell Bunker on the original Long, hole #14 at the Old Course in St Andrews which is the longest hole on the course, is 7 feet deep and 300 square yards in size.

On the Valley’s Long, the fairway slopes steeply left to right the entire length of the hole, making it difficult to take the shorter direct line to the green along the left. The second shot is blind with 5 bunkers to avoid, a fairway bunker on the right just over 100 yards out, a cross bunker covering half the fairway 40 yards short of the green, two greenside bunkers on the right and one back left. The green has a closely mown bowl left and the putting surface slopes slightly right to left, quite steeply from back to front, and has a subtle spine running down the middle. This combination of contours produces challenging putts, yet played strategically, Long provides a great opportunity to finish your round with a good score.

Thanks for touring Minnesota Valley CC, our Seth Raynor designed Minnesota Masterpiece!